We are looking for a few individuals that would be interested in joining our team. If you have experience in working at or owning haunted attractions and would be able to interview your local haunted attraction owners, please visit this site and fill out a form. http://hauntvideos.com/content/index...id=2&Itemid=34

All we ask is for you to have your own video camera (DV is preferred), and the ability to move the RAW footage to DVD and send to us for editing. You must be professional and be on time for all interviews (Haunted Attraction Owners are VERY busy).

Note: This is not a paid position. This position allows you to get an inside look at the haunt industry, have some fun, and gain haunt experience at the same time.

By becoming a team member for the HauntedVideos.com website, you will be granted special privleges such as your own personal blog at hauntvideos.com, your own email address (xxx@hauntvideos.com), and much much more. We hope to soon be offering giveaways for our team members for all of their hard work!