Price versus value (percieved value?)

Why would a small KIA cost less than a Rolls-Royce?
Is the Rolls 50 times better-built?
I have told some people whining at the front of my house that this is a custom-built item, you will not see another one anything like it, so pay up!
But it is.
Maybe price should also be in part baased on a uniqueness factor too?
I mean really, if the customer has seen a large percentage of what you have got to show them it would sort of depreciate the value of this "Entertainment" experience , wouldn't it?
Maybe the saving factor is not many 14 yr. olds travel a great distance and will see a large number of haunts?
Sort of like pre-TV, pre-DVD when a 5 yr. old movie could be a first-run big deal at the local theater.
In 1967 a small theater not far from here was showing a 4 year old Elvis movie that had already been on tv as a first-run movie. As a nowhere , backwater and last place to get movies it was discouraging to take the time to go to see a movie and see it again on NBC's movie of the week a week later.
Of course that small theater had a big board painted white that folded down to make a part of the screen and you could esily be in any movie they were showing, just sit up straight and there was your silloeutte!
You think I'm making this stuff up?