Greetings. I just wanted to share some experiences that have occured at the haunt I work at in Huntington, Indiana, The Haunted Hotel. The building itself is over 100 years old easilly (walls made of horse hair based dry wall its so fun) and was originally appartments. The first experience i had occured in the little hallway outside of the room I haunt. I was waiting for the next group when I turned around and thought I saw someone stick their head out of the plastic wrap covered doorway and back into my room. I went in, and asked the person whos in the room across from me if anyone had been there and they denied it. Of course, that could all be my imagination...the first time...this happened 3 times that night and twice more throughout the run of the haunt. After talking with the other people about it I discovered that most of them had seen something before, usually when the haunt wasnt running. The experience with the largest group of witnesses occured the weekend before Halloween. We had an event where if someone could spend the night inside the haunt alone (of course with a select few of the scariest monsters to watch over them) they could win 1000 dollars. We had all the main breakers off, no lights, no sounds nothing. We had someone in the room above the man watching him as well as security cameras all over the haunt to watch him. For the first 4 hours we knew we heard someone walking around the haunt even walking into the rooms on either side of ours. We had a tech guy out in the haunt who was releasing some air in the lines to scare him that swears that he had come within 3 feet of the guy. When I left early, I swore I heard him running after us to bust us. When we finally met the man after the event, he informed us that he never left his room. The security cameras confirmed who else was there lol...I had issues with being in that place alone when I didnt think it was haunted lolnow its just impossible...I'm out BEFORE the breakers are tripped lol