Warm greetings to the HauntWorld family...

My name is Jeff Nix and I represent MrSkeleton.com, the new company that is supplying the Halloween trade dealers with the discontinued skeleton prop items from Bucky’s Boneyard, formerly sold by Marilyn Lack at the Anatomical Chart Company.

You've already been introduced to the SkeletonStore: They will be supplying the remaining six core items that Marilyn decided to keep in the core lineup from Buckys Boneyard while MrSkeleton.com is now carrying just about all the ACC discontinued items.

As a business to business supplier, while we’re not supporting retail sales, If you’re currently a dealer or reseller with ACC & Bucky’s Boneyard, chances are that your dealer status, but not your actual account information, will be transferable to MrSkeleton’s dealer network. Stop by and visit the new site soon, drop us a comment or inquire about our many products.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me as needed. My email is Jeff@mrskeleton.com. Our phone number is 678-748-5722.

Best regards, Jeff Nix @ MrSkeleton.com

MrSkeleton.com is your world class resource for the extended line of Bucky skeletal components providing affordable,
anatomically accurate reproduction models and accessories to the professional haunters industry, studio prop craftsmen
trade, professional prop houses, catalog & online web retailers, and theme, entertainment and amusement parks

Our Bucky Torso demo vid...