My feet are KILLING ME!! And my knees are very close behind.

Opening was Friday for us and everything that COULD have gone wrong went wrong. Lots of crew members didn't show up......The talking skull that was suppose to tell our back story decided to get lockjaw so I had to step in and tell the story an unimaginable amount of times (I was damn good though. Worthy of an Oscar)......things were unorganized at times.....there were jerks....BUT, we did good. We heard sounds..the same unlimited sounds that encouraged me to call our haunt "The Scream Extreme" in the first place. We only lost two people at the 1st emergency exit. What we lost after that I'm not sure of. Overheard by staff, there was a small group that included people who said "we sucked." But, those type folks are everywhere. It did not bother me and I tried to ease her mind, as well. I know not everyone can be pleased. Okay, it did bother me a bit. :roll:
But here's the BEST news!!!!!

My favorite news station came to film us. We were on the 11 O' freakin Clock News!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOO!!!! They did a nice blurb on us and included " It's for a great cause. Helping Autistic children." It warmed my heart to hear that.
PLUS...one of the persons who showed up for media night is writing an article about us in his magazine and giving us FREE...I repeat...FREE ad space to let everyone know about us!!! How sweet is that!!! I'm hoping all crew members will show up tomorrow because due to the news, I think we're gonna be SLAMMED! It is so tough when you know you've built a good haunt and there aren't enough actors to work it.

190 unique visitors hit our site yesterday and although that is a flash in the pan for many...it's FREAKIN' AWESOME for us!!! This being our second season. Hell...I think I'm on to something here!

My dogs are not barkin' quite as much now. I guess the Viacondine is kicking in......