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Thread: I'm Sorry...I Just Have to Say This.....

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    Nov 2006
    As for people saying, you sucked, we all must remember that, there are tons of ***holes that don't have any clue about the time, money and hard work that it takes to do a Haunted House. One time a few years ago, my father was doing a scene in the begining, and some young guy, made a rude comment. My father turned to him and stopped the show and said "Everyone here put alot of time and effort into doing this, don't ruin it for everyone with your comments". We didn't hear another peep out of him. Although I don't like confrontation, are they any other suggestions, as to how you all handle rude, insensitive jerks?

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    "ways to handle people"......

    Anyone can see our website and get a pretty good idea of what type of haunted entertainment we are offering here. Anyone can ask people they know who have been here and discover what we do here for a show, but some complain when they don't get any of the usual fare of gore or aggressive acting, "Oh, well, go to almost any other haunt and get this in varying amounts, as per-recipe....?
    So this might be someone's first reason for being growly.
    Since most of the show here is a tour guide narrating, interuptions getting nipped in the bud ( Bud lite?) is imperative for the rest of the people's opportunity to enjoy what THEY paid for.
    My tour guides handle things however they wish , warning first then ejecting the troublemaker if need be.
    I personally, usually enjoy alittle "back & forth" with a goofy customer because I usually win that contest whether it is of insults or simply trying to be funny, or any other informal competition that involves mere words.
    I usually meet them intellectually trying to allow them to gracefully defer but , of course this doesn't always work so I have to make them look extremely stupid infront of everyone to shut them up (It's not too hard to do with many of them, either)
    Am I that "brilliant" at insulting people? No. But I do have a wealth of previous experience in doing this and I have pretty much heard almost any comment someone like this will be making before.
    Experience has prepared me.
    Hey! It's a live show and often fairly spontaneous and most thinking beings seem to enjoy such a thing.
    (Yes, unfortunately many disruptors are somewhat drunk)
    One night a guy interupted me and loudly asked (infront of 15 customers)
    "Have you ever had secz by yourself , all alone in a cornfield at night?"
    I said ,"No." then proceeded to point out where an ear of corn could fit within his anatomy in pursuit of such an action.
    He seemed all insulted by my suggestion. I was insulted that he thought he could say such things infront of my paying customers with impunity.
    By the way, when he brought this subject up, there had been no discussion by anyone about anything even remotely close to the actions he illustrated and implied.
    I really ruined the shock-value of his attempt.

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