Do you have any injuries in your haunts? It seems like some people freak out so much they are bound to injure themselves. I see a small number of people every year that come out of our haunts with small scrapes and cuts simply from running into walls and things. Do you see this also? If you do how do you handle it? Ignore it? Document every single incident?

Fortunately in 8 years we have never had to call an ambulance but we have sent a one or two people to the hospital to be checked out. If you have someone that is injured do you do follow up phone calls to see how they feel the next day? Do you offer them free tickets? A refund?

Lots of questions here, not many answers on Hauntworld. I searched injuries and safety in the forums and didn't find much. I hope this isn't because people ignore the public safety aspect of our business. Any help is appreciated!