Well injuries.......if they asked for it we stand there and laugh at them!!!

No actually we had a few this weekend.

1 drunk dumbass threw his girlfriend at the chainsaw guy...then proceeded to hit the actor. Gee he should have spent the night in jail.
Someone misshandled that one......

BUT the girl who passed out from her friend headbutting her....that was pure stupidity....we called the bambalance and made sure they got her out of there.....

If it something small...give em a shirt
If it is something big...hope they don't take your shirt and everyone elses

Just a side note....if someone is doing a hayride and they don't check the whells everynight to make sure they have more than 1 LUGNUT....maybe just maybe they should hire a person to keep track of that stuff.

They are liable for the people on the wagon....they not only could have hurt the customers...but could have killed them.