Sunday afternoon Mom, her Mom and two grandchildren maybe 11 and 9 arrived because of reading about my place in a book about "Haunted Places".
Grandma was appalled that admission was being charged ($12.00!) and maybe that it was also $12.00 for the kid but you know what? We take a lot of extra time with nervous kids, so there you are!
We were trying to figure out exactly what type of a tour they wanted?
They sure didn't want any lights turned off, which we can do as long as it's not a mixed tour group, since it was just them, no problem with lights "on".
They were shown a behind the scenes front room along with the high points of the haunted history but Mom seemed to not be handling this as well as she maybe had thought that she was going to.
Grandma had a stopwatch on her wrist so I began asking her how much time they had to give the house? (Trying to please!)
We did certain portions out of normal order because with her limiting the time we could not get them through everything , especially when the little girl would say:"I don't want to," every time we were to enter a different room.
As they exited they had been in the tour for an hour and I had narrated a lot of the tour for them and answered many of their questions. I made sure to ask the kids if they were going to now have any bad dreams?
No phobias gotten here, Thank You!
Jessica told me later how the boy had enjoyed my new outdoor home made ashtray(Nobody can smoke in any Illinois business nor within 15 feet of the door)
it is made of an old steel pressure tank for a water system with the drive shaft from a 57 Ford impaled straight down through the center so it's skinny little head is on a long tapered neck. I wrote on the tank:"Now accepting all brands of cigarettes, put your old Butt against my mouth!"
Yes I made the hole look like a mouth, he was laughing...
How can I be open, stay in business? By catering to people's needs, modifying the tour to fit what they can tolerate ,most of the time, that is....