I purchased seven Poulan gas powered chainsaws last season. Three of the models were around $149 and the other four were around $200. I had many many problems with them throughout the season. The main problem I was told was because I ran the chainsaw without the chain on it, causing some sort of a clutch problem and high RPM's. After taking my chainsaws to a professional small engine repair shop to have them winterized, I was told that they were basically just scrap parts now. Here are my questions.

1. Is there something that I need to do to my chainsaws in order for them to work properly in order to scare my patrons? I already mix the gas & oil properly.

2. Should I have the clutch or another part removed so it wont have the high RPM's?

3. What do you guys and gals do to your gas powered chainsaws to make them work correctly? Do you have a certain brand that you buy? If so, what brand or model?

4. What other modifications should I make in order to get a more reliable starting and running chainsaw?

Thanks for your answers in advance.