(However, all minors need to be accompanied by an adult.)

Credit to where credit is due.

Ricky Dick, is, really, *THE* one responsible for the event to even exist.

I just thought it was so incredibly cool that a guy would open his home and his haunt OFF SEASON and said "Hey, come visit me" ( and he was doing it back when no one else was doing it.)

I learned things at Castle Blood that weekend that I hope I remember in every single show I try to put on for the rest of my life.

Note to Ricky: You *really* should have some sort of intern program for young haunters to teach them the ropes.

When it all started, I just wanted local haunters to come to my backyard for hamburgers, beer and show off their props. I was thinking there must have been several of us in Harrisburg area (the capitol of Pennsylvania)

Little did I realize how popular the concept was in people's hearts and how far people were willing to travel for a nice, fun time.

The PA Gathering has had attendees come in from Ohio, Florida, New England, etc etc etc All for a (at that time) simple one day picnic.

We moved to a larger location (my church) for a few years, but we outgrew *that* too.

Now we're a full blown convention, with tour, costume ball, tons of vendors. But I dont want to lose the personal touch, ever. I actually *LIKE* the fact that I watched your kids grow up through the years. I'm glad to know that Pat's daughter is a veggan. I'm glad that I know Kim's dog is named "Boo" (who,btw, was always welcome in the church)

So if you come to the Eastern Haunters Convention, feel free to walk up to me and say "Hello", introduce me to your spouse and kids and show me pictures of your haunt, more than anything else, I still want this to be a fun, stress free event for everyone.

Michael Bruner
Eastern Haunters Convention

P.S. oh yea - and as Larry mentioned in a different forum, make sure other haunters can purchase new haunt product easily.