Eastern Haunters Convention: Makeup War - win prizes!

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May 3rd -- Saturday -- 6:30 PM

THE RULES (Because you just know that there are nit-pickers who look for ways to bend them...)

MAKE-UP WAR !! - A contest to see who is the best at applying makeup!

1.) The competition is open to everyone. Each team must be registered in advance under a "team name", Teams are limited in size to 4, with the model being one member of the team. Each team will have 1 hour total to transform their model into a monster. No individual may be a member of more than one team.

2.) Competitors will be allowed to enter 1 model only (male or female) per team. Models must be a living person. No mannequin or prop heads allowed. No other living creatures allowed. (i.e. No real parrot to complete a pirate costume.)

3.) Models will arrive without any makeup above the collarbone.

This contest is to judge the best "total package", so wigs, costumes, and jewelry ARE allowed.

Hair and Costume design may be done by other Artists under the supervision of the Contestant prior to the competition. If the Hair and Costume are not complete before the competition, the contestents may complete them (only) within the allotted time for the entire makeup (1 hour).


4.) Makeup may be applied by any member of the team who are allowed into the contest area during the competition. ALL members of the team must be registered prior to the event under the team name.

5.) Each team must provide any and all materials, costumes, and paraphernalia needed to produce the "finished look". All material must be present at the BEGINNING of the competition. Any "forgotten" pieces will not be allowed to be added later.

6.) If the makeup, including hair and costume, is not complete at the “end” of competition, the makeup and total look will be judged as it stands.

7.) The contestants will be judged on a scale of 1 to 10. One is being poor, 10 being outstanding.

8.) The judging categories are Theme, Design, Color, Use of Materials, Techniques of Application, Costume and Professionalism.

9.) The decisions of the Contest Judges are and will be final. In case of a “TIE” the Chairman will make the final decision to break the tie.

10.) Contestants may be disqualified for:
A. Not adhering to classification guidelines.
B. Not adhering to all of the Makeup Competition Rules, Conditions, Terms and Regulations.
C. Being socially disruptive.
D. Using a trademaked or licensed character. This contest is for originality. So no Frankenstein's or Freddy Kruegar's

The Competition Judges and the Chairman of the Makeup Competition will determine all disqualifications.

NOTE: If something goes wrong and you have a problem during the competition, notify one of the Judges or the Competition Officials and they will assist you where they can.

May 3rd -- Saturday -- 6:30 PM