Looks like we've made it! This is the first year for Nightshade Manor and we are doing even better than I had anticipated. Everyone in Memphis is talking about us. Our patrons are calling us the best, scariest haunted attraction to ever open its doors in Memphis. One of the most common comments is "I've been to a lot of haunted houses but never one like this!" Each night we have had many people pay an additional $2 to go through the haunt again. On opening night, we had one young lady who wet herself, went back to the box office and paid another $12 to go through again and she wet herself a second time. I'm not kidding!

We are being featured in an article in the Memphis Commercial Appeal today http://www.commercialappeal.com/mca/...078237,00.html. Several other local newspapers have also featured stories about us. Our local NBC affiliate broadcast a story about us on the evening news last week and Fox is coming tomorrow night to do the same and to top it off, we were called by Lions Gate Films who wants to do a cross-promotion with Nightshade Manor and the film SAW III.

Hope everyone else is having a great season!