First off i would like to say, that this year i will be doing a haunted house! I have the actors( friends of mine) and we have the place(ill get to that later) and we have the money. The problem is its not alot. Our goal is $900 dollers. That may seem like much, but in a weired turn of events, i now have a 3,000 sq. ft. building, with 2 storys!!! Sence we could not hope to fill up 2 storys with $900 worth of props we have decided to home-make 75% of our props. This is not a large problem because we have the material and the skill. My main concern is about the walls. Instead of using plywood and going through the trouble to paint it we have created a new system. It involves using 2 cables 8 feet above the ground and spacing them 2 and a half, to 3 ft wide. The next process is to take thick, industrial plastic, and drap it over the cables, thus making a tunnel. The only question i have is how to make the tunnel curve in sharp, 90 degree turns?

Please help!