Haunt Seminars at Eastern Haunters Convention May 3rd & 4th 2008

Hey everyone, just giving a heads up to our seminar lineup.

If you look at the names, you'll see it's a veritable "who's who" in
the haunt industry.

My advice? Pack a lunchbox, bring a thick note book and digital
camera, go early with a friend and grab two seats and stay there the
entire day alternating back and forth as to who's hitting the vendor
floor and taking bathroom breaks between seminars. (Which is what
I had to do with the Horrorfind seminars in the past, so popular some
seminars had standing room only.)

So, for $25 bucks, you get a 2 day ticket to the Eastern Haunters
Convention, you get ALL those seminars, you get access to the entire
vendor area, (and we have a huge list of vendors,dont pay shipping
and handling, save $$$ buy direct from the vendor - cash and carry)
AND a ghost TOUR of the haunted White Horse Tavern.

Not too shabby a bargain I think.


Here are a list of seminars at the Eastern Haunters Convention

Michael "Tattoo" Krausert of Nightmare New England : Successful
Sponsorship Secrets Revealed

John Ehrenreich of Hot Wire Foam Factory - Haunted Foam

Dick Terhune of Voice From Hell - Voice Marketing

Jeremy D'alessandro : Gore-ra-faction - The Art of Gore in your haunt
or in props you produce

John Denley - Cheap Scares That Won't Frighten Your Wallet!

Chris Handa of Spooky Magic: Use of Magic in a Haunted Attraction

Ricky Dick of Castle Blood: The Secrets of Super Detailing

Larry Kirchner - Everything you wanted to know about building a
haunted attraction but were afraid to ask. From Design, to Queue
Line, Advertising, Radio vs Other media and more. Tap into the mind
of one of the owners of the Top 13 Haunts in Amercia : The Scarefest
Haunts including "The Darkness"

John Burton: Haunt Decorating Done Right (2 hour workshop)

Michael "Tattoo" Krausert of Nightmare New England : Q&A Open
Forum "Secrets of Running a Haunt" :everything from queue line
entertainment, to throughput, to the scares and detailing work.

Chris Handa of Spooky Magic: Terror Outside the Walls: the Basics of
Queue Entertainment

Making Sense of LED Lighting by Joel Rybacki of Boiling Ponds

Ricky Dick of Castle Blood: Pump up Profits with Ancillary Sales

Jeremy D'alessandro : Gore-ra-faction - The Art of Gore in your haunt
AND in props you produce (2 hour workshop)

Grendle's Den - Does your Website need improvement and you don't know

Thomas A. Fritz: Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation

John Burton: Haunting Right and Extreme (2 hour workshop)


Michael(Two more weeks!) Bruner
Robert Kocher

The Eastern Haunters Convention ! ( May 2-4, 2008 )