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Thread: Floor PLan

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    Mar 2007
    on the floor outlines in the JB Corn Books it shows the 60 degree angle walls i was wondering how do you connect the panels together when using the 60 degree angle on turn or corners

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    Aug 2003
    Luray, VA
    The short answer is hurricane ties...
    and cross brassing across the top of walls.

    Louis Brown
    Owner, operator, and dish washer
    DarkWood Manor

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    Aug 2003
    Tyler, Texas, United States
    The simpson strong tie number is A-21, available at Home Depot or Lowes but. gettting pricy. The original Castle Dragon had hand made straps made from sheetmetal, 16 to 18 ga. galvinized and later these ties became available.

    One is put on the top face at slightly above head height where side lumber is with screws, another is installed at about ankle height.

    If neccessary the wall is rotated or hinged into place and then another 2 clips are installed on the opposite face in similar locations. You end up with 4 hurricane ties per joint. and it forms an inmovable link to some degree even before the bracing is installed.

    The A-21's are getting expensive like 84 cents each so I have found I like A-15's at 30 cents each but they need to be bent. Bigger, basically flat sheet with lots of holes bt the far side of a triangular grid wall gap is pretty wide and this spans just right.

    An A-21 comes with a 90 degree bend and 4 holes for screws. You usually bend it open a bit more to be the same angle as you need.

    There is top bracing lumber as mentioned.

    Hmmm, dimensions of the grid on the floor. Hmmm, next question will be.

    Another fabulous post from the U.S.Department of Wild Imaginings, now in spectaclar stereo, sponsored by the Adhesives and Sealants Council, suggesting ways to stick things together since the 1800s. Not fabulous in a gay way. Your results may vary. Illinois residents add 8% sales tax. These posts have been made by professional post makers, do not try this type of posting on your own without extensive training, lovely assistants and a trusty clown horn.

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Those 60 degree walls keep it morgue-like cool in there too!
    "Morgue" for us 98 degree living specimums anyway.

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