I enjoy having fun with customers and enjoy them having fun but sometimes, usually in October more so than any other time of the year will find that one scared or grouchy customer who is only here because someone brought them, and they are much harder to entertain, have fun with or make happy.
Many years ago on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon I finally persuaded two Harley couples to "abandon" their precious new bikes long enough to see the inside of my house(not an easy task), these people all had identical riding outfits, spiffy new bikes...Looking out an upstairs window, checking on their bikes, I played dumber and asked,"So you like Harleys"?
"I'll make you a real deal on one, I have about 150 of them out back!"
The guy in the spiffy riding suit looked aghast but said nothing.

The next day I answered my phone and a laughing voice asked "Guess what the guy you offered to sell a Harley to does for a living?"
"How would I know?"
"He's a Police detective from Dubuque!"
This was when "everybody" wanted any kind of Harley and the bushes were being beaten with a fine tooth comb and big prices being paid, so how would I have honestly had 150 of them "out back"? hahahah!

Another time some people had lied and told their nervous female friend that they were taking her to Ravens Grin, a nice restaurant. They missed the turn at Charlie's Tavern but the intended victim saw the 14 foot high steel skull outside of my house and asked, "What is that place?"
"That's it! That's The Ravens Grin Inn!"
My question has always been who would stop at the international sign of death and poison to eat?
"Yes, we only serve you dead things!"