This is not about masks or make up, there are numerous experts who regularly share tremendous knowledge here in these specialized fields.
I am open almost every night of the year (except for sickness, extreme weather and family emergencies)
From 7pm to 12 midnight, every night I am ready to "Go"!
Sometimes the going can't stop til 2 or 3 am!
I arrange my schedule around these hours as far as what I eat beforehand and when I eat so I don't become a "potty-Stop" for my own tours.
All unnecessary items get removed from my coat and pants pockets also, replaced by the items I will need while I am giving the tours.
My burglar alarm doorbell is a must, this allows me to know when someone else is at my door no matter where I might be in the house or even if I'm 5 blocks away working in my shop.
This device began life as a car alarm and can sometimes restart customer's cars accidently! (Lots of fun! in the haunted house parking lot!)

Maintaining one's energy level is very important because there is never a second chance to make a first impression and I believe 95% of this business is making a certain impression whether it has to do with the house design and features, storyline or acting and the influencing of the customer's moods and emotions.
If you need or wish to create an edgy feel or performance sometimes acting or just thinking about such methods really is not where it's "at", you should make it more personal, it all begins with "you" after all, a few nights ago I know I imparted more "edge" in my performance and customer dealings .
My inspirational influence? I wasn't wearing any under ware!
Any second there might have been a very real and personally embarassing moment for me!
I don't feel that any of the night's customers were able to actually pick up on my real stimulus .
Of course if they could have .."This guy acts like he doesn't have any under ware on!?"......