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Thread: Bettendorf Jaycees Haunted House settles lawsuit, but disbands and returns as ...

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  1. Default Bettendorf Jaycees Haunted House settles lawsuit, but disbands and returns as ... 
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    Saw this article and shows how hard it is to operate a haunted house. Once again, it shows that accidents do happen.

    Bettendorf Jaycees Haunted House settles lawsuit, but disbands and returns as a community foundation. The bad publicity hurt the organization's ability to attract members. And it is very hard to recuit members into any organization these days. So, in order to keep the haunt and other community projects going, they started a community foundation. Only plus there is that there is probably no age requirement to get out at 40 yrs old as in Jaycees.

    As always, there is more than is printed in the paper. This lady left a comment on one site I visited that carried an article about it back in 2006.
    "I went to the Bett. Jaycees haunted house in Oct o 2004... the slide wasn't a surprise there was a person standing there telling you to slide down on your butt only. There was also a guy at the bottom where there was a huge pile o hay you landed in. It is a sad day when the Bett. Jaycees can not operate due to someone's accident. Accident people! Sounds like there was no negligence on their part and it would be a shame to loose the Bett. Jaycees Halloween parade & Fourth of July parade because they disband. There are alot of events the community would be missing. Accidents happen. "

    And this was on another page I found that was postd by a Don Wells. I assume it is the one who is the former president of the chapter.
    Don Wells

    ""I know the story was short but, just to put out a little more info. out there. As far as to the article it only stated what the was alleged by Brenda Day. It did not state the fact that it was total crap! The only thing she got was the satifaction of closing down a service org., and was awarded $5,000.00 for her broken bone. Trust me she wanted a LOT! more. In regards to the listed complaint, If three different departments of the City of Bettendorf are not good enough inspectors, who would be? As to the suprise slide. If you could not see it from the road, you must be blind. and the idea of someone who worked in the Haunted House prior to going thru it saying it was unsafe is a Joke! The interior of the building was the same as the last day she worked in it except the improvements of lighting, fire detection, and efforts to make the slide slower. I say if you know that you are of a physical condition that makes you prone to breaking bones you should stay out of a haunted house. Posted on: Apr 10, 2008 9:20 AM"""

    And to step up on the soapbox. For all that have even a home haunt, SAFETY must be the priority!!!!! Every incident hurts all of us. She did suffer an injury and the settlement is only $ 5000, but shuts down the organization, too.

    Please make sure corners are not cut, staff is trained, and SAFETY is top priority.
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    Once again, the "personal injury lawyers" score off the insurance, raise the prices on everyone else, and make life more restrictive for everyone. When the politicians have tort reform? Oh, forgot, they are lawyers as well and one hand washes the other. What a scam.

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    I'm reading the location was at a Golf Club? I'm sure some attorney would see money from the big pockets of such a land owner but, got stuck fighting only the charity. Then said they failed to observe the history of the slide. Sounds like it has a history now!

    Any safety expert would say just to not do it at all. However it doesn't sound like the injury was dealt with on a personal level or followed up on her welfare or there might not have been a call to an attorney.

    If people are being nice, caring and helpful, even concerned is that who you call the ambulance chaser on?

    I'm sure they did consult a safety expert by having insurance for such a device with usually a very high deductible. which simply could not be raped for millions.

    Or the other between the lines ordeal is they got $5,000 from the organization as it IS the deductable and settled for hundreds of thousands from the Insurance company.

    Still, the bottom line comes down to having some form of customer concern. Accidents do happen but, how to handle them is an art.

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    True but then there are people who don't give a rats a$$ about art.
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