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Thread: Strange Night-April 26th.

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  1. Default Strange Night-April 26th. 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    We saw cold temperatures going back to a winter or late fall like feeling so maybe the people that came here yesterday and last night thought it was October?
    We saw Grandma and little girls, Boy Scouts and a few others inbetween.
    Grandma kept being pushed forward during the tour because the teenage Grand daughters were too scared but Granny turned out to be the haunt fan and muttered under her breath at the tour's conclusion to her daughter that she was not going to be "wasting" money going to see a certain "nuther" (another) haunt again. ? I guess she was impressed with her first visit!
    A room full of Boy Scouts from 100 miles away were a little antsie in the first room, a normal thing but every so often one of them was whistling a quick, "tweet" of a whistle as I was giving my presentation.....
    I finally turned the light on and simply asked "What is all of this whistling about?"
    The two boys who I thought were doing it played innocent but were smiling and no answer was immeadiately forthcoming....
    Then one of the Fathers said, "He has tourette's." Pointing out a little boy sitting beside the older boys.
    I said, "Well then that's OK!"
    I learned long ago not to be overly vocal and aggressive sounding before you know who or what is actually going on to cause any disturbance.(Less apologising to do, less "Crow" to eat)
    Later I was told the ocassional whistling was "mild" compared to how the boy usually was.
    Only maybe three people out of 17 in the room knew the boy had any kind of a problem before I asked about the whistling.

    Then I had a late tour for two guys. I asked them if they usually go to October haunted houses?
    The one said, "I didn't go last year, because I was locked up."
    Then he told me about an 1880 empty nursing home that someone had tried to make into a haunted house but they quit trying because the place was overly "Haunted"for real and people going through it would have beds fly down the hallway at them and from the attic a trike would fall through a hole in the attic floor that went all the way to the basement, people would go down to the basement and there would be no trike there, they would find the trike back up in the attic!?
    A strange thing concerning all of this is that my Grandmother died in that nursing home in the 1960's, that was the last place that I saw her alive, I thought the place was weird then but then the smell of urine permeating the walls, which were wall papered didn't make the housekeeping any easier either.
    Then to top off the night my wife saw a car pass by the house, looking us over who had some really strange looking people inside of it!
    Maybe they were just in make up for some sort of a "Hills Have Eyes" type movie or something?
    And to think a week or two ago someone asked me if I ever get "Bored" doing tours here!
    Yes, this is a small town in the middle of "nowhere", but the rest of the world comes to see me! (because I'm so "Odd"!) hahahahah!

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    Mar 2007
    Pataskala, Ohio, United States
    ACK JIM! im sorry to report i didnt make it to your area on the 26th like planned...However I hear January is a great time to visit the area. We did make it to the Navy Pier but that was about all the farther we made it.

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    It is hard for me to compete with sailors when it comes to Tater's desires, I guess?

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