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Thread: Good Source for Semi-Trailers for mobile haunt?

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    The main issue you will have with a carnival dark ride is through put. Only 2 people in a car, you have the time to load and unload and you only get 5 or 6 cars. Larry had one once. I think he only used it one season and sold it. You could only use it as an add on attraction and because of the lenght of it you can't charge much, combine that with the through out issue and it makes it hard just to pay back the investment. While it may be cool as a novelty, it's not practical as a money maker. Better to put in a 3D attraction or similar event. Remember a carnival ride can have almost an entire year for their season, they open every weekend in a new location. So they have at least 45 weeks to make money, you have 3. It's all in the numbers.
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    Check these out:
    Every weekend you could pull this into a parking lot somewhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Shack View Post
    I really would like to purchase a new or used dark ride or walk through. The bigger the better. I have been to all the used equipment sites to see what is available. I want something with todays haunt industry standards and sprinkler system. I even want to buy a new partially dressed so I can install my own or certain vendors props. Has anyone have an oppinion on which company to buy from.
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    What about the walk thru type dark ride. Has anyone delt with Sally Corp or Owens? Any others will be good also

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