Hey everyone
i need some major help
this year in making my haunt in my backyard and i want it to still have an indoor feel i just made it in the backyard for more space.
So basically what i want to do is make a freestanding structure to house the haunt without breaking the bank. I would figure that it would have to be made of wood to some extent because plastic sheeting definetly wont cut it with the wind since this will have to be up for about a week and a half at least.
Also we want the haunt to be anywhere from 1500 to 2000 Square feet. just the structure alone.
I am also having a full size cemetary in the front yard with several coffins and tons of large gravemarkers. What type of theme for the haunt would go with the graveyard.
Pretty much i am so lost in my planning that i dont know where to start building.
So any ideas would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!