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Thread: New Reality show to air late sept! America's Haunted House!

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  1. Default New Reality show to air late sept! America's Haunted House! 
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    May 2008
    Las Vegas
    Hey all, just thought I would share the email that myself and the nine others recieved this weekend as the network has finally decided casting for the new show that some of you may have heard about here recently or not, it was kept on the low for a while as we did not know if the network was going to go through with this after casting.. You can post on this thread to talk about it, but the info is slim at this point..we will let you know when we know more....thanks

    The sci-fi channel has announced after months of research and consulting that they will air : America's Haunted House starting in late Sept. The network has chosen the most elite designers, make-up artists, prop makers and actors in the industry. To create America's best Haunted House in ten weeks, and open it to the public!
    Ten Haunted attraction professionals living under one roof, to create the most Haunting attraction anyone has ever seen! Will they be able to design, and construct this beast in under ten weeks before the doors open to the public? Or will their in-different personalities clash, making their project fail. Be sure to watch Sept 2008 as America's Haunted House will be unveiled!

    Eddie Dupuy started out as a home haunter for 10 years, and moved to the professional and commercial level two years ago. Now running his attraction the Chamer Of Horrors. Bringing with him his knowledge of running the buisness side of a haunted attraction and scenic design to the house.

    Jackie Steinert is the freshman of the group, she has only been in the
    haunt industy for a year and a half now. She focusus mainly on acting skills and costume and character creation. She brings, wit, sarcasm, and wry humor to the house.

    Jon Frost is a Haunted house magician and hopes to bring his
    knowledge of magic and illusion to this house for an ultimate experience.

    Ken Van Ness has been working with metal and building props for
    as long as he can remember. Also the owner of prop building company, boo crew production.

    Rob Johnson has run his own prop company Body Baggin for a
    number of years. he brings his knowledge of makeup and props to the house.

    Kale Hamel has been in the industry for 8 years. Designing props, haunts, and animations for haunts around the states. Owner of Sophisticated Terror Productions, and haunted attraction owner for five years.

    Scott "tater" Lynd has been acting in the haunted house industry for 16 years and now travels across the globe hired by numerous professional haunted attractions, hes seen it all and brings his 16 years of acting to the house.

    Jonathan Shroyer has been working in the haunted house industry for the past 9 years as a sculptor and special fx artist specializing in prosthetics, makeup, and prop design.

    Deborah Haire has owned and acted in a haunted house for 5 years also doing the special effects makeup for all of their actors
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    I want to wish everyone on this list the best of luck, I hope it all becomes a great time for you.
    It seems to offer such potential.
    If I was on this list I would choose to vote myself "Off the Island".
    Egos may be flying high now but they may not be as this unfolds and as the finished product is in the can.
    I have had a few good experiences with this sort of thing, some so-so experiences and some very bad to disappointing experiences which made me wonder why I even gave them the time of day?
    And no, it is not necesarrily "what you make it", others will be in control of how you will be made to look with editing, close-ups , ex cetra.
    As soon as you sign over your rights and filming begins they usually change their phone numbers where you can reach them...think I'm kidding?
    Read what you are signing.
    If you think that you can have a copy of their show and show it in your haunted house this will probably not be the case on their form. Cross out what you don't want to sign, re-write what you want and sign it, this is what I was instructed to do so I could legally show a copy of the HG-TV show I was on.
    They had the nicest crew and people to work with as did "Wild Chicago".
    I'm not mentioning the "other" group by name.
    There can be some real "Stinkers" out there......

  3. Default  
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    Mar 2007
    Pataskala, Ohio, United States
    Im Glad someone broke the silence Kale and informed the people..Glad to be a part of it with you and some of the others

  4. Default Haunters be ready 
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    Feb 2008
    the world is a changing place...

    with all the pr last year..

    scarefactorys show..

    and this reality show...

    means ya better be ready for a kick ass year!!!!!.....Hell Yeah
    in order to see the orchestra ...you must turn your back on the crowd...


  5. Default  
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    Aug 2003
    Luray, VA
    That is great! I always imagined that the haunted house industry was a little too esoteric for a mainstream reality show. I canít wait to see it. I hope it blows American Idol out of the water! Or, at least rate higher than the Flavor of Love. :-D

    Louis Brown
    Owner, operator, and dish washer
    DarkWood Manor

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    The Wild Chicago" show I was on was shown at least 35 times over a three year period. Every time it was shown, my phone would ring more.
    The HG-TV show "Extreme Homes" was shown for years, all around the country, once again, I would get calls, sometimes from former Mt. Carroll residents now living in far away, exotic places like, Iowa.
    It was once beamed from an arts & entertainment station in Germany into France and they had dubbed me speaking French!
    Another German plot to undermine the French culture.
    It's 1940 all over again!
    (But will the French surender in time?)
    "The Bosch sends us Americans pretending to speak French!"
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  7. Default  
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    Aug 2003
    Columbus, Ohio
    LMAO!! Kale, you need to lay off those margaritas.

  8. Default No offense 
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    Dec 2007
    But according to what this says: The sci-fi channel has announced after months of research and consulting that they will air : America's Haunted House starting in late Sept. The network has chosen the most elite designers, make-up artists, prop makers and actors in the industry.

    I disagree with the list on having chosen the most elite, there are some that shouldn't be on there, and it also seems to made up mostly of Ohio and Michigan people, was there some sort of tryout or were these people on the list all picked by themselves?

  9. Default Damn! 
    Getem Nut LOL! All I can say is why not put me in the mix of Drama I can attract the numbers its proven here! Put me in there and we will move from Sci-fi to NBC, CBS, or ABC I can assure you that! Bring on Insane Shane!!!!!!!!! Also Congratulations to all of you and not to take away from any of you but where is all the Larry's, Ben's, Lennords, of the bunch at? Lets open this up for discussion. Again Congrats to the Bunch! Shane
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  10. Default never air 
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    Dec 2007
    Never heard of any of these people...

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