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Thread: Just wondering......

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  1. Default Just wondering...... 
    Barry.........how many vendors do you have that have signed up for MHC this weekend?

    I just remember a thread that says we need a buyers show.
    If I am judging this right.......you have maybe more vendors than the actual haunt section at TW?

    SOOOOO in theory....if TW splits the haunt show from the party side......
    MHC would be a bigger show?
    MHC would have more seminars?
    MHC would be a place that haunters can be .... well haunters
    Gee could it get any better than this?

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    Jun 2006
    Eastlake, Ohio
    I count 84 on the vendor list, minus celebrities, and chairities, that leaves 81 vendors.
    Brian Warner
    Owner of Evilusions www.EVILUSIONS.com
    Technical Director of Forsaken Haunted House www.Forsakenhaunt.com
    Mechanical Designer (animatronics) at Gore Galore www.Gore-Galore.com

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    Nov 2004
    Cleveland, Ohio
    How many haunt vendors were at TW in Vegas?
    Katie Lane
    Raven's Wolf Art Productions (www.ravens-wolf.com)

    Bansheette Morningstar (www.bansheette.com)

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    Feb 2004
    Manitowoc Wisconsin www.nightmarefactoryhaunt.com
    I agree, MWH is going to be THE haunt convention to go to. Transworld had a good thing but has decided they are not really interested in the haunt industry. Barry and his crew have put together a hell of a convention and are poised to take that next step. MHC has everything a haunt convention should have great seminars, a zillion vendors, haunt tours and a chance to socialize. As Larry has said, "we do not need another convention", so lets put our love & support to Columbus and Hauntcon!
    www.atheateroflostsouls.com Or if you need makeup or supplies www.abramagic.com

    "I am a frickin evil genius who deserves some frickin respect!"

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    That "Next Step" is always the tricky one, the one bio-documentaries never quite show us or explain.
    How did a guy go from having one successful restaurant to having three to having 600?
    But when will your convention begin selling fried chicken, Barry?
    Top secret recipe he took to the grave with him, but we dug him up!

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO

    Just FYI... Transworlds show last year was about 600,000 square feet. Additionally, there where about 150 booths inside the Haunt only section, and at least another 150 other haunt related vendors outside the haunt section. All told I'd say there was about 250 or so booths related to haunts at Transworld Vegas.

    However, let me say if a Haunt only show was to happen I would peg the number of vendors that would attend to about 500 booths. There are a great many vendors who do not exhibit at shows for our industry because...


    That could all change! Someone in this industry has datatbases that are equaled by no one including Transworld, and someone could help make sure this industry had a show that included every section of the amusement industry that could or should relate to the haunt buyer, then the industry would grow faster.

    Remember the goal here isn't to always dip your hands in latex, or build wall panels for the rest of your life. The goal is to actually grow as an industry, grow the age groups who will attend our industries attractions, to expand our reach our markets, so how do you do that?

    Do we do that ALL working against each other and acting like idiots who love to fight with each other or do we work together for a common goal? It takes ALL haunts working together on the same page to accomplish great things. I see that day finally coming!

    In order to dream big, you have to see the bigger picture!


  7. Default Hmmm 

    If a foilage company comes to a tradeshow......will they sell wholesale or retail?
    Since haunts are an end user....a consumer...they should pay retail pricing

    Now why would a manufacturer bring their product to a show where they would have to sell wholesale to us? Do you resell the plants? NO you don't deserve to get wholesale prices.......Does that make things clearer? or is this going to get deleted too?
    Gee could it get any better than this?

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO

    Whenever you go to IAAPA and say talk to Autograph Foilage you simply tell them you are a end user and you get like 30 or 40% off. If you look at their price sheets it will tell you the discounts... I don't have to do anything special to get any discounts with this company you just tell them.

    Autograph Foilage is the best company I've ever seen for vines, fake grass you name it... they have everything and what haunter doesn't want that stuff?

    I have bought thousands of dollars of stuff from this company and they give me all kinds of discounts everytime I order... sometimes they are trying to get rid of stuff and will give you even deeper discounts.

    The only people who sell at retail prices are people who re-sell not the actual supplier. When I go to IAAPA I have never had anyone tell me 'you have to pay retail'. Never.

    No one would be coming to a haunt only show saying you have pay retail again unless they are a re-seller of the product. We're talking about bringing the supplier to the show not re-sellers.

    Ken if you want to buy from the acutal supplier of vines and fake foilage you need to go to IAAPA, or we ned to bring IAAPA vendors to YOU! See my point?


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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO

    After reading your post again, it almost seems like you want everyone to pay retail, but they sell WHOLESALE to anyone you just ask them. Why would ANYONE want to pay retail prices... LOL

    If you want to buy from them, you can get up to 40% off they will give you the discounts. I think I have got 50% off many times on closeout items.

    Do you want their information? Here ya go...


    Request a catalog, tell them you saw them you are a supplier, builder or whatever. They don't argue they just give you the discount, they will give the discount to just about anyone.


  10. Default Don't need 
    I don't need a foilage company Larry.
    I am trying to make a point.
    You know i needed a bad thing in my life to make me slow down and think.

    Now......I buy foilage from local people in my town.
    It is a huge green house.....I walk in 2 times a year and buy out all their crap.
    We have over $15000 in plants vines and greens for 25% of the normal cost when we built our swamp.

    No Larry I don't want to pay retail.
    I don't pay retail. We have a store and sell stuff in our store.

    The whole issue about retail and wholesale is because of the TW show.
    Now absorb this and think for a minute before you type again.

    Lets use Rubies for our example shall we?
    Rubies manufactures costumes and such for sale to stores......on a wholesale basis. Now should John haunted house be able to get the wholesale price?
    Should Walmart who buys a bunch then resells it?

    same goes with the foilage we keep talking about.
    The wholesale price is set up for people to RESELL the product.
    You are jumping the system and this is what caused all the BS at TW


    If you want to make ANOTHER show...........then do it.
    I don't care.....but it will screw up the other shows that have a good thing going.
    I personally talked to Jennifer at MHC and scratched my head and still can't figure out what their plan is for 2009.
    Gee could it get any better than this?

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