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This was my first experience at Transworld and enjoyed the city and convention immensely. However, once you have seen st Louis, you have seen it. Are there any plans to make Transworld a "traveling" convention? In other words, have it in Dallas one year, New Orleans the next, etc....It seems that would give the Haunt owners and crews something to really look forward to each year especially if you know you will have the chance to see haunts in that area and a new city to explore each year. Again, I am new to this and do not know the history of Transworld at all so be gentle with me.....
This has been talked about a lot, and it pretty much comes down to the fact that travelling would be terrible for the show. This show isn't targetted for tourism or for haunt crews. It's targetted for buying.

Between the Shane Party, The Darklight Party, and the HAA party, I don't get around to see St. Louis anyway. That didn't stop me from spending a lot of money on the show floor though, which is what this show is all about.