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Thread: MHC vs Transworld

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfenhowie View Post
    This was my first experience at Transworld and enjoyed the city and convention immensely. However, once you have seen st Louis, you have seen it. Are there any plans to make Transworld a "traveling" convention? In other words, have it in Dallas one year, New Orleans the next, etc....It seems that would give the Haunt owners and crews something to really look forward to each year especially if you know you will have the chance to see haunts in that area and a new city to explore each year. Again, I am new to this and do not know the history of Transworld at all so be gentle with me.....
    This has been talked about a lot, and it pretty much comes down to the fact that travelling would be terrible for the show. This show isn't targetted for tourism or for haunt crews. It's targetted for buying.

    Between the Shane Party, The Darklight Party, and the HAA party, I don't get around to see St. Louis anyway. That didn't stop me from spending a lot of money on the show floor though, which is what this show is all about.

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    DrFrightner aka Larry, I heard from someone that IAAPA had 4 vendors for haunts and was a total waste of time. My suggestion to everyone is to save your money and go to Transworld. Bring CA$H, because all the vendors are willing to cut deals.

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    Sorry I didn't see this sooner... ahh you'd be totally wrong!

    IAAPA is better than any show on the planet for haunted houses! If your goal is to truly be a cut above the rest then you should go to IAAPA because at IAAPA you will find vendors, services, idea's, products you will never find at ANY haunted house show.

    Honestly I haven't bought anything from the Transworld show in SIX YEARS... I find new vendors here on the Hauntworld forums, or from new vendors contacting me about the magazine, I work close with certain vendors to custom create products for me, but I also find things at IAAPA that I can only find at IAAPA. Let me tell you I've walked that show floor for 20 straight years and all 20 of them I think about the haunt industry, telling those guys to come to Transworld to expose their products to US... I've helped get many of them over to our industry.

    I've seen more crazy things at IAAPA than you can shake a stick at! Your definition and mine of what is or isn't a haunt vendor would differ greatly because I don't see haunt vendor so black and white because I don't see the haunt industry as just scaring people.

    I think haunt owners should consider themselves as entertainers... we get paid to entertain. What is the IAAPA show all about??? ENTERTAINMENT!

    Now with all of that being said Transworld is an incredible show JUST FOR haunted houses specifically... but if you dare to think outside of the box then IAAPA is a must show for anyone.

    Look I'm not putting down any show, but MHC has NOTHING on Transworld, and Transworld has NOTHING on IAAPA... we are talking about a show that is about 600,000 square feet, with about 22,000 guests, Transworld is a show that is about 100,000 square feet with about 4,000 guests, while MHC is less about buying and selling and more about haunt tours, parties, events and education for people who either like haunted houses, Halloween or own them.

    If we are talking about a straight up HAUNT SHOW then Transworld has NO EQUAL that includes Hauntcon, MHC, and all the rest combined! However if we are talking about a straight up show for amusement attraction owners and operators which a haunted house is one of then IAAPA IS THE KING!


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