I had already almost finished a long front room routine when the doorbell rang with a guy and two girls waiting to buy tickets.
I rolled down the window(from a 1958 Ford) and my first words were, "I see the Sheik is here with his harem!"
They all thought this was funny, then I told them that my sticker tickets don't stick very well to vynl or leather...so don't put them on your underware! Or my underware either!"
I proceeded to pretty much ad-lib a whole new front room routine (so the people who had already sitting there wouldn't be bored)
Looking at "The Shiek" I said, "Do you girls know how many women this guy brings here every month?" (Of course he doesn't)
Then I might have said something like he brings them here to me.
"Just call me Mr. Jim Satan!"
They were all laughing the entire time of course.
Then I stand there at the opposite end of the fairly dark living room and begin theorising about animal magnatism, or is it hypnoyism? The deep, basic primitive urges that women often feel for me...I'm using my mental powers now to inventory your minds to see if one or both of you are actually needing to become my slave here...yes,yes, there are those feelings present here tonight coming from one or both of you young woman...show how you feel by allowing yourself to come forward and give me such a sign."
Then I pushed the remote control in my hand and they were suddenly physically propelled towards me!
Talk about having nothing but laughs!
And this was just the first room.

In horse breeding there was the frisky male horse who excited the female horse but he had nothing to do with the actual physical breeding act, the designated stud horse was then traded for the arouser... I often thing I get some of these people all feeling good and laughing , then I have set up the guy who brought her here for him for later....?