Last night was very busy here for us and it sure could not have happened without the help and talents of my Wife Jessica.
A small group of three was added to the tour and the boy in this family group was a fearful kid who wanted out of the house very early on.
Jessica convinced him to remain with her promise that he could help scare others.
Then he got afraid after awhile and needed out again.
As she was opening our steel gate alongside the house to allow them to leave she somehow severely pinched her finger making a deep blue bruise.
Two very fun couples then showed up, first-timers but Very fun people, we were all standing outside and Jessica was telling how she was distracted handling this on-again, off-again little boy and that contributed to her injured finger, but because the kid was right there, along with the two women who brought him, Jessica could not swear as pain went through her hand.
My advice:"Slap the KID!"
Our new customers standing there laughed alot over my remark, I knew they were going to be alot of fun, and they were.
A word of warning to anyone thinking of driving here at night:It seems the State of Illinois thinks everyone has GPS units and they don't feel the huge need to put route signs back up very quickly after road construction removes them.