I was shown a copy today of a book "Wild Chicago" the Companion to the Wildly Popular TV Show". Many years ago I was on their show and now mentioned in their book.
The episodes were voted upon by the tv audience as far as which episodes they wanted to see again. The Ravens Grin episode was alot of fun and you could tell from the show, so people kept voting to see it again, and again, and again.
It may have been aired as many as 35 times in three years.(The Producer told me)
They had me sing a little song three times so they could get it recorded right, then somebody lost their nerve in the cutting room and my song never made the cut.
When people used to crawl through a carpeted tunnel I would sing my version of "Getting to Know You", now "Getting to Nose You!"
Or maybe it was my take off of the Beatles song:"I Should Have Nosed Better with a Girl Like You!"
One mistake in their book article about me is when they state:"Jim is a one-man scaring committee, taking your tickets, serving as tour guide, and occasionally ducking out of sight only to reappear out of nowhere in a gruesome mask."
I almost NEVER wear any masks, that was my face!