Hey don't gang up on me! We did nothing of the sort.


Halloween here is barely celebrated here in the UK. Where as Guy Fawkes is the major holiday.

People like fireworks and build bonfires in their own backyard.

We just happen to rent space from a major firework display company and are on council property. Our Halloween event is seen as the 'sinister element' while they are mainstream. If you read my posts we are actually very tame.

The guys who put on the Fireworks displays are completely separate to me. What they did has nothing to do with me.

I do Halloween only especially being of Canadian origin!! However it is always one of our busiest nights because everyone is out and about watching the fireworks.

Hence my post for us it was a night of madness!!

Yes you were correct I was merely reporting it and didn't mean to upset anyone. Practically every corner shop seems to have bonfire night displays complete with effigies. Especially with the movie V for Vandetta if anything it is more popular that ever. In the UK Guy Fawkes and Halloween are in the same vein with Halloween as the much poorer and less celebrated cousin.

All the attractions Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, Chessington world of adventure had fireworks. Our contract for getting liscencing was dependent on us remaining open until Bonfire Night as part of the celebrations. We wouldn't have gotten permission as a stand alone haunt.

You can't blame me for that!!

There is a small piece of justice though....some individuals every year injure themselves by lighting 'industrial size rockets' in their back gardens and injuring themselves or worse - their kids.

Even with that Halloween is still not regarded as well and we only captured 20% of the crowd. Most people were there for the fireworks only. It is huge!! http://www.viewlondon.co.uk/firework...don_index.html