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Thread: Actor bungee system

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coasterbrad View Post
    Still can't find any videos other than the demo at Transworld. I know there has to be one out there somewhere.
    We have some footage of one being used at "Indy Scream Park" we filmed for HauntersDigest.tv. I'll see if I can dig out that scene and post it for you.
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    I purchased a rock climbers harness off from ebay... a pretty spendy rig I got used for $200. It retailed for $450 and came with a bunch of clips and extras. And it had nice shoulder pads. The bungee cords I used were also from ebay. I got 7/8 inch marine bungee cord. It was strong enough that I only had to use two strands of it for a 145lb actor and it had plenty of spring to bounce the actor right back onto the platform. Of course it came in 50 foot length so I have enough for a long while but thats ok as I figure I saved a ton in the long run anyway. We strung a cable between two trees and clipped the cord to it. You have to get whatever you are attaching the bungee to pretty taunt so you dont loose any spring. There was a thread on here about the bungee platform and we used that to model our platform off from. Next year we are going to modify it a bit. We are going to make the platform look like a hangman's gallows and the actor will be standing on a plexiglas stand so he looks like he is actually hanging in the air. then he can launch from there. I thought of it while watching him jump at people this year.... mind is always working!

    Quote Originally Posted by freak 'n' stein View Post
    Might I ask where you purchased your harness/bungee cord [MENTION=3767]Odinseye[/MENTION]?? I know this topic has come up before and Allen uses the regular cords you buy for tie-straps...and as far as the harness too??

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    Nov 2011
    I'm working on putting this rig together for our trail this season. I know little about this stuff but i think i'm on the right track.

    1" Bungee Cord:

    Plan on getting 50 feet of this so i have extra. i'm hoping this is the right cord, i just went with the thickest pro grade i could find.

    6' Shock Absorbing Lanyard:

    i noticed in the image of the studio-tek one the harness is connected to these shock lanyards. not sure the necessity but i figure they're on there for a reason.

    Harness option 1:

    this is just a leg harness, but that's what studio tek did. i know nothing about saftey harnesses and don't know if this is good or not.

    Harness option 2:

    pretty standard safety harness.

    Does anyone know what kind of connectors or ends i would need to put on the tips of the 1" bungee to connect it to the other parts?

    if y'all have any thoughts on these material choices, i would seriously be grateful.

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    Nov 2011
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    I world use carabiners to connect the harness to the bungee, preferably locking. If the actor is coming down from a high point like above the patrons i would also go with a harness with a high point attachment. Having been a rock climber as well as a high angle rescue tech i have used both types. A rock harness is more comfortable for long periods of hanging but this shouldn't really be a concern for the actor. A rock harness doesn't have attachment points on the sides for the bungees like a class two or three harness.

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    Did anyone see or watch Halloween Craziest this year... because there is a haunt that is basically open year around owned by Neil Patrick Harris and they use tons of this stuff there. It was showcased in the show ... they had actors crawling up walls, being dragged into doors you name it. It was simply amazing.

    Does anyone know where to buy those rigs?


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    The guy they interviewed said they were costum built by a Hollywood stunt cordinator that worked on multiple big movies.

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