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Thread: My first haunted house

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    Aug 2008
    search craigslist.org for things you need and you can place wanted ads on there too. With a little creativity you can make $400 go far. Just try to get what you can for free. I've seen some good advice from others that I to am gonna use. Thanks everyone!!!

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    Aug 2008
    also found cheap black plastic sheeting at plasticsheetingsupply.com

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    May 2007
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    Here are a few tip for cheap props. Remember 1st yours or your parents closets. This means ask any one(grandma,grandpa,aunts,uncles,your buddys family) for old unused clothes everyone has them and are usually willing to hand them over. Next dont forget your thrift store(you will find good stuff cheap, but try not to over do it). PVC pipe is cheap and its a good base for bodies under the clothes. To make one body use 1/2" pipe and connectors you will need- one T, for the pelvic area- one 4 way for the neck area- four 90% for the shoulders and hips- two 45% for the elbows you can also use T's on the feet to add extra PVC to help them stand if you need them too. Dont glue them together because it will make them easier to store if you can pull them apart. News paper makes a good filler you can crumble it up and put into plastic grocery bags and stuff the bodies. Nd you can always get cheap halloween props at the local stores after the holiday is over, so dont forget to stock up for the next year. I hope this is a little help and good luck, Haunt on Little Buddy

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    May 2008
    I'm 13 too and I'd say just use the garage and get some friends to dress up and pop out at people. That seems to scare 'em

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    Oct 2008
    Oakley, California
    Quote Originally Posted by Scarefest13 View Post
    Hey guys, its my first year doing a haunted house, I am 13 years old,Do not, not take me seriously because of my age, cause trust i want to scare the crap (ALMOST litterally) out of anyone that steps into my haunted house, and guess what i am almost designing a haunted house, i am doing this with another person but i am one of the main guys. I have looked through this site and realized how amazing and how much knowledge some of the members of this forum have, i have a budget of 400$ this year i know (not much) i really need some ideas from people who are experienced in this kind of stuff, and it looks like i have come to the right place, i am aloud to use my whole house but not inside the house including: My front yard, my garage and my backyard. I really need some cheap ideas for props. My theme of my haunted house is basically doctors who work at a hospital go insane and start killing/torturing his patients. I could use some tips on Make-up, costumes, scenes, skits, pretty much anything! I have done my research and read some books but i need some people to have a discussion with me about this kind of stuff thanks guys!
    I am brand new on this website but I have a few ideas on where to go for inexpensive items. Try your local Good Will store or St. Vincent De Paul thrift stores for old clothes, boots, etc.--we pin the shirts to the pants and then stuff with newspaper to make bodies. These stores also carry some used Halloween items relatively inexpensive. Also, I have a friend whose husband works for an elevator company and he brings me huge, flat cardboard boxes that we use as walls and can cut up to make signs, etc. We also go to local appliance stores and get refrigerator or freezer boxes to use in making props. For wood, go to areas where new houses are being built. They usually have numerous dumpsters where they throw the scrap wood--2x4's 2-3 foot long, plywood 3x4 foot pieces. A friend and I also drove by a field where people are forever dumping things and we picked up an old wicker loveseat, 2 matching wicker chairs, and an old wicker trunk. Great outside props. Also, check your local paper for garage sales--after the sales sometimes these people just want to get rid of stuff and will give it away. Hope this is of some use to you. Good Luck!

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    Oct 2008
    Im also 13, but this is my 5th year of doing a home haunt. What we do is build the walls out of pvc (basically just make a frame). Then we cut rebar at 2 and a half feet and stick a foot in with a foot and half sticking out. Then we just slide the pvc walls on the rebar. After that we use garbage bags and scene setters and just zip-tie them up. It works out really well and isn't too exspensive. I haven't seen anyone else do this but for us it works great and holds up to the wind good. Hope this helps

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    Nov 2007
    It's very encouraging to see so many young people taking up the hobby/profession.

    I also like to see the creativity you have, and would like to see some of the props and scares you have come up with. Sometimes you lose that as you get older and caught up in life. Haunting keeps the mind working, so use that selling point to nelist the support of your family.

    Good luck to all of you, and post some pics.

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    Oct 2008
    Ayer, MA 01432
    I'm 16 and have been doing this for 2 years. Our first year we did black plastic held up by weak wood frames. A year later we're doing solid wall panels that look great and are easy to put up. Start small and build on it, and have fun.

    :Some of this years stuff: photobucket.com/scareside
    Scareside Website
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    Jul 2008
    Ok when i first posted this a while back i only had 400 dollers that has changed to about 1000 dollers but i have spent 700 dollers on masks, make-up, walls and stuff.

    Our theme has changed 100% to a carnevil theme. Alot of people have volunteered to do some work on the haunted house.

    Almost all of our walls are put up and i will post some pics as soon as i can! i will keep you intouch with pics.

    Good luck this halloween guys its going to be an AWESOME ONE!!!!!!!!

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    Sep 2008
    Don't forget to keep checking out Freecycle and drive around on garbage day to see what prop parts are out there at the curb, but be respectful and clean up after yourself. A local extreme haunter built most of his haunt using "recycled" parts and homemade props and just made it into the paper this week.
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