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View Poll Results: Tour Guides or No

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  • Yes, Keep The Guides

    18 26.47%
  • No, Get Rid Of The Guides

    50 73.53%

Thread: Guide or No Guide?

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    Jul 2006
    Creatures Crypt did guides for years. The city demanded it. One of my rules to opening my own event was being in a municipality where I made that choice. No guides for now...

    BTW, you think Jim is crazy now??? You should have seen him before he became the toast of Chicago... when he was alone more .... damn that show was freaking creepy!!! And it was all Jim... could have been in a damn corn field...LOL...

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    Aug 2010
    No guides. It takes away from the scare factor. At most use guides for a small part of the haunt but let the customers lead themselves to their own death.


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    Aug 2006
    Glyndon MN
    We use guides. Its can be the best part of the tour if you have good set ups and well trained people. Our guides have fun with the groups, set up the scares, keep the flow going, cover for mistakes, and even sometimes throw a scare in of their own. We have found that its easy to find someone to jump out from behind a blind spot and scream but finding someone who can be a great guide is a rarity.

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    Jun 2010
    Tarpon Springs, Fl
    We had a guide that would tell them not to wander, gesture them into a kitchen room with a giant butcher guy that ignored them, and lock the door behind them. The guests had to cross behind the guy to get out, then go into the hallway and open another door. The best moments were when the group had to open a door while knowing the kitchen guy is in the room behind them, and has started to notice them. Guests are used to the conga line, not taking initiative. "Do we do this? That guy is staring at us, we gotta do something"- it ended up actually freaking out people. Anytime you have a percentage of people give up halfway cause they are too scared, you are doing something right.


  5. Default A "Human" makes a huge difference 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    When dealing with any company or just a small business, isn't nicer to actually have dealings with a real person versus a machine? Now think of your haunt, it's basically the same thing, a business seeing real , live customers.

    A tour guide listens, learns what his group might be anticipating, expecting, then he may be able to modify some small , certain things along their travels to make some of them happen. It really doesnot take all that much effort to scare, distract or entertain many people, if they are in the hands and under the direct influence of another real, live person.

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    Apr 2008
    Tallahassee, FL
    Wow. I feel sorry for Oklahoma. Not just because they mandate haunted houses must have guides, but that they think they need to dumb everything down to that level where the government is micro-managing how small haunted houses operate. I can only imagine what they're doing to other industries. Scary!

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