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Thread: Your Marketing Woes

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  1. Default Your Marketing Woes 
    Join Date
    Jul 2008
    La Grange, TX
    Hey, All

    Some of you may have figured out by my user name that I
    am a copywriter (freelance). What I'm trying to find out from
    y'all is what frustrations you experience when marketing your
    haunts and/or products.

    If you can think of specifics, that would be great, or tell me
    about your experiences.

    My business is still growing, and I'd like to make it as helpful
    to clients as possible, so your input *really* helps.

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. Default Y'all 
    Join Date
    Jun 2005
    Where y'all from Ga or SC cause Y'all is generally from there and you'uns are Alabama and you all is Kentucky or Tenn - even though for some reason y'all made a big jump over Louisiana and Missippi and can also be found running rampant through some sections of Texas - my second favorite word in the south is fur - as in "What in the hell did Mr Tuxedo git all over his fur ? " or if you don't know how something works "What in the world is that fur" or if you are lost "How fur is it too the store " not to be confused with far as in " Holy crap Granny done set the outhouse on far agin"

  3. Default  
    FearSeeker Guest
    You forgot "I'm fixin to answer your marketing question."

  4. Default  
    Join Date
    Jul 2008
    La Grange, TX

    *This* girl is from Texas where all the ohl (oil) is - La Grange, Texas,
    to be exact, of "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" fame.

    And, uh, I *am* guilty of saying the wretched "fixin' to."
    Hey, when in Rome . . . LOL.

  5. Default  
    Join Date
    Jul 2008
    La Grange, TX
    I've even heard a "y'all" from a girl from MISSOURI! Wuz up wid dat?

  6. Default  
    Join Date
    Feb 2004
    Mexico, Missouri, United States
    Missouri?! She must have crossed the boarder from Arkansas.
    Damon Carson

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