Affecting customers through our own visions and art can really help prove to the paying public (financing us) that we are worthy of their expenditures.
Many of my ideas seem to find their way into my head as I about to return to this conscious world in the morning. (provided the aliens bring me back to my bed on-time) (Don't we just hate it when some alien kid gets a new chemistry set for Christmas and begins yanking us out of our warm bed for goofy repetitive experiements as we sleep?)
Yesterday as I was quickly visiting with a family just completing a tour of my place I was told that they had first been here 15 years ago.
When the parents began discussing coming here , their 21 year-old son said, "You mean that place wasn't just a dream?"
Somehow the conscious-propertys of my show had relegated the experience's memory to his "It must have been a dream" file as a six year old child.
I also got the impression that it was not in his "Nightmare" file, either, which is good. (I also mentioned this and analysed it somewhat more on my website in the "Jim's Blabberings" section........