Shane, thank you for the impartial heads up.

We have occasionally allowed this thread to die out. Usually around haunting season and around times of conventions when the forums are other wise quite professional and informative. I believe the compelling addiction to keep posting on this thread occured over the past years as we had many reoccurances of people with multiple accounts and multiple aliases and the same bad grammar and same questions about Rob Zombie as a horror movie director, how to make skeleton trees and how to upgrade avatars. Further repeative questions have been who is incharge here and how do I get ahold of them and so on. The same questions that got the same answers. And levels of irritation beyond belief. Actually not truely haunters themselves pirating other peoples pictures and actual posts. No way to bannish them and they were quickly back again. Or we have multiple people on one account bating and switching completely extreme responces and dissapproval. Are we supposed to email the forum police?

At times we even completely identified real names and locations yet the next supposed identities to follow were all made up. No different that some telemarketer or next new internet yellow page listing. Quite frankly we were mocking them, otherwise I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have a little pink ballerina gif and a big giant talking head avatar and a signature that is the fullest extent of what can be written. I'm really not that flamboyant even though I did take the Dale Carnegie course. To a certain circle of people it has been hillarious. No different than other regional groups of characters has found their own antics highly amusing. Yes, we all know each other. Somehow to us it is about as entertaining and competitive as finding grannies panties on the darkness. All quite silly.

Our responce has been, in order to fight stoopidity you have to be even stoopider. Just like a haunted house, stoopid posts bring out some kind of responce and draw in a certain kind of person and elicit a variety of reactions. Anything from amusement to plain outrage. I know everyone will say their mother told them that is the wrong way to go about things but, it seemed to work. I'm sure there was a certain fequency to other stoopid posts and how active and frequent we posted on the turd thread. Sort of a heart beat of stoopidity if you will.

So here lies nearly 500 stupid posts. Stupid ideas and irritating content in tribute to circa 1998 starting of hantworld and all the 3 stupid new thread starts per day we have endured for 13 years. That is easily 1100 stoopid posts per year for a grand total of over an estimated 14,000 stupid threads each with 26 responces of discontent or acknowlegement. That brings us to a super grand total of 370,000 stoopid interactions. Yet somehow this one with only not quite 500 responces is THE one to be singled out as the most unproductive, The most unprofessional, the least understood. The most irritating in a world where the turd thread has beaten down stoopidity it is now itself the most stupid. I think this might be some kind of achievement.

Perhaps we will have to assess how those that have been on the forums for 3 years don't get what has gone on for 13. It is no one's fault. There is no way to moderate for such a thing without effecting the freedoms of everyone. The working theory of the turd post has been, would you prefer 500 worthless threads or 500 worthless posts that may or may not have merit. It is all mathematical and an experiment.

The results have also spawned a much more dignified hauntworld with so many compeating the turd post with great content like pictures of their haunt development and getting 40,000 plus viewers to such activities or even Larry posting more Darkness details to push down this irritating thread. End result we got lots of good stuff we never would have had if it wasn't in responce to what was possibly a waste.

So it works both ways. It fights stoopidity on every thread and it makes good people put up good content in competion with this stoopidity. I commend all the great content and have enjoyed a lot of it. I don't think it would be out there unless someone was appauled by the waste of the turd thread and they had to think deep and hard about what should be posted on hauntworld. What level of content should be shared that is above par. What stoopidity should be avoided.

There are those drawn to hauntworld daily to see what stoopidity we have posted or just how irritating it might be this time. Glad to hear we have fan mail that is not coming directly to us. It used to be thing that are now listed on the newest forum rules. However, somehow I think there might be some people with "issues"

I however for what ever reason went silly even without having an alias or multiple accounts ready when others were deleted. Plus there seems to have been an internal competition as to what qualifies as something turd post worthy and what is not.

I'm willing to let things rest but if I see anything stoopid it will make a come back even if it is 35 pages back. It is up to everyone to put real notable content on hauntworld. It is resource that shouldn't be wasted. I appreciate it very much but recent years seemed to have been an open call on stupidity and haunts were considered buying things from Walmart and seasonal halloween shops. And that alone somehow qualified to post on hauntworld. I'm sorry, for a while things were just a little too stoopid for my tastes.

My sources tell me that perhaps the stoopidity has moved to other forums. That is good.

Any fan mail or seace and disist notices may be sent to