Hey Larry! I'm beginning to go through the HW Videos again, for the third time now. I was just watching HauntWorld Video # 12, which includes your list of 51 tips on owning and operating a haunted attraction. Man that list is so dead on it's scary! Looking back, I'm so grateful for having begun my journey into owning and operating a haunted attraction by ordering and watching the HauntWorld and all the other videos I could get a hold of. Now that we have three seasons under our belt and reviewing the tapes again, I am able to realize what an important part of our success is attributed to the advice shared by Larry and other leaders in this industry! I pick up something new every time I view the videos to help us enhance or streamline our show! I also get new ideas and inspiration seeing the haunts that are featured on the videos! I've said it before and I'll say it again, the videos are one of the best investments I've made in this business! :wink: