I was in the wine cellar, lights on with two young women, first time visitors here when we all heard a woman's voice which seemed to be coming from near the 12 foot high ceiling above us.
The voice was definately human and female and was sort of singing , a long change of pitch from it's start to it's finish.
The girl walking ahead of me was definately shook up about it, mostly because when she heard it she almost automatically assumed that nobody else had heard it.
Tonight I was telling some more visitors here about it and what with my "October Throat" I couldn't even come within a mile of duplicating the sound we all heard last night, of course I pre-warned that this would probably be the case, but I sure sounded silly trying .
Since those girls were first timers here, I wonder if they will ever be brave enough to return?
A haunting can slice both ways, attracting some, scaring others away.
It makes life interesting though...........and then the ghostly floating head enters the room! hahahaha!