This demo video shows the life size blue soft vinyl translucent eyeball being back-lit. The eyes are packaged two per set. Although the eyes come in blue and brown, only the blue can be back-lit as the brown is solid plastic.

See also the video of the brown eyes also Search this string on YouTube or see ID MrSkeletonDemos - " Key Rings -- Eyeballs and Mini Skeleton Keying"

As of 8/2008, this item is being test marketed by and is available only through eBay seller BonesToGo, an independent beta test marketer for ~ 678-748-5722 is your B2B and OEM resource for Bucky and MrSkeleton brand skeletal components providing affordable, anatomically accurate reproduction models and accessories to the professional haunters industry, studio prop craftsmen trade, prop houses, catalog & online web retailers, and theme, entertainment and amusement parks.