Last night I was almost done with a long, intelligent response to a question posed on this site when my Wife said, something, I turned , on the TV was a commercial looking like a horror movie for cell phone service, "The Dead Zone!"
I laughed at it with one big "HA!" and all the lights in this town went out!
They remained "out" for at least the next hour! No storm, no explaination.
Am I in a movie? Is this life real?
Like I have often said, "Life Is Strange, If You Take The Time To Notice."

So this October if you need the electricity to fail at your next-town Haunt competition's place, just send $300.00 to The Psychic Lineman
P.O. Box 101
Mutt Carnal, Illinoids 61053
And tell me exactly when you would like this to happen? (Probably on a Friday or Saturday night?)
And I will time my "HA!" to fit your requirements.
(Look for my booth at Transwurlde next year.)
Thank You for believeing in me.
Send the money NOW before the seasonal rush begins.