Now as I can imagine alot of Home Haunts are on a budget or do not have the sufficient money to pay for graphic design. Well I am doing it (until Halloween) totally free! The one thing I ask of you is if you are pleased with the outcome please please please donate some money to me as I do not yet have sufficient funds to build my own Home Haunt!

If you are interested in this promotion please just either IM me or Email me at
For $0.00 you can't be sad if you are not impressed!

These are for HOME HAUNTS as in non-commercial haunts only
These will only be images emailed to you. If you want to turn them into fliers then you will have to do the printing!
I will only be doing upto 5 jobs at 1 time

This is just for you. This is my gift to the community, if you cannot afford to donate to me don't worry. If you do like the image donate please, if you don't... Still donate as there is no point in us both being dissapointed!