This has happened now a few times within the last month.
Today as my wife stepped into the doorway between the spookhouse living room and kitchen a quick gust of air blew passed her, lifting a piece of paper taped to the wall beside her in the kitchen and at the same moment there was a sound like a "Whirring" that also seemed to rush passed her.
The weather outside was very still. No furnace blower running. No other doors open.
This is the same room from which we have heard footsteps and had the doorknob turn by itself, door open slightly, nobody there. One time the door opened even though Jessica was leaning against it as she sat on the floor playing with her dog.
I tested this door and latch, whenever closed it latches all the way and stayed like this no matter how I leaned against it or pulled upward or where I placed my weigh on the floor near any wall that either held the hinges or the latch. nothing happened, nothing opened.
One time we got to use an EMF meter and as one passed through this doorway the meter went from "0" to full-read, maximum amount and it would do this as I held it taking half a step forward, then half a step backward, watching the needle zip between full charge to zero.
The entire spookhouse front room was a full charge-read that night.
I took the EMF meter and ran it across the steel conduit beneath this room and got no reading.
I turned various things off and on in that room and none of this affected the meter at all.
A few months later the same meter got no reading there at all.
The Ravens Grin Inn is a haunted, haunted house, a fact that has probably lost me as many customers as this information being public has ever gained.
People are afraid.