Here are my top 5:
1-Unit 70-great props, great service, give them an idea and they run with it.
2-Fright Props/Fright Ideas- very reasonable prices and ships on time.
3-Scarefactory- Sometimes late but always comes through.
4-Morris-Tons of items, sometime late delivery due to late catalog arrival. They are at the mercy of their vendors just as we are. If the vendors ship on time, everything is cool.
5-Little Spider- great service, i think I have one of everything.

OK....I have 2 more

I bought from Oak Island for the 1st time this year and they were awesome.
Bump in the Night has great products and some delivery issues but always rectifies.

Many other smaller companies have been great too. I've also had my share of negative companies. It's a very tough industry, but for the most part everyone tries their best.

Hope this helps.