Hi All;

My name's Bobby and I've been working on a non-profit, one night, charity haunt to put at the Relay for Life at Southern CT State University. I don't have much as far as funding goes, and have been paying for almost everything out of pocket, which is extra hard seeing as how I am still a senior in high school. I've been involved with three haunts, starting off as an actor years ago, and this past October I actually designed, and managed a haunt with a couple of my friends. I have never had to build walls before, or used any animatronics, I'm the believer of using actors as much as possible, last years haunt was held in a trail in the woods at a trolley museum to help raise money for them, so we didn't need walls because it was a pretty scary place in and of itself.

That's where problems start with this haunt, it's going to be on a field, in an area well-lit, so not only do I have to build walls, but I have to be able to block out light. I am using a bunch of canopies to host the haunt in to block out light, but that's about as far as I've gotten. I also have the layout and the general set up for each rooms. There's a cannibal/voo-doo forest, a dungeon, a spider room, a body parts room, a drop portrait, and a doll room. Each room was already approved by the Relay for Life people, and made sure to offend nobody. But I HAVE to stick to that.

So my question to you guys (and girls) are, what's the safest/securest/and cheapest way to constuct walls, what do think some good effects could be, and if you have any ideas. Plus, if anyone has any unwanted, broken, or otherwise un-needed props, scene setters, walls, effects, costumes, any donation is 100% tax deductible for the full price you paid for the items, so not only do you get rid of stuff just taking up space, but you also get a very nice tax deduction! Any donated items would stay with the haunt, and would be recylced again to be used in next years haunt, which hopefully, I will be able to find sponsors for in advance, so I can make it bigger and better. If you're interested in making a donation, feel free to PM me.

Sorry for making this post so long, and for asking for donations, I'm pretty new to hauntworld and also REALLY nervous about making this haunt a success!