This year our house is located in an old auto-mechanic wharehouse. inside there is a built room that was used for repainting cars. it has a large ventalation, thus allowing us to use a chainsaw inside the house, rather than at the end of it. My room will be inside there, (Toxic Clowns) and they are letting me use their chainsaws inside. we are still unpacking and doing construction, so it will be a while before i get to handle one, but i want to definatly make sure i know what im doing with it before opening.

Ive watched many videos of scare tactics with them, including sliding them on the ground and simple nudges at their feet, but what else can i do? Also, how do i start them on the fly, as well as care for them? I dont want to be repaying for a 150 dollar chainsaw due to improper care. This is my second year with this haunt crew and im very flattered that they trust me with something like this, as it takes years before some houses let their vets touch one. any advice, tutorials, or even a funny chainsaw scare story would definatly help me out.