My house was first built in 1950 - but it was not "house", it was an old small church for only 4 years... when they closed this small church and it turned out to be a little big house in 1955 when my grandfather bought this house! We still live here for long, long time!

Him and I live here in this old creepy house as right now... He sleeps upstairs and I sleep on the first floor in the smallest room nearby the garage and it was pretty cool and dark down there. So one night, a lady wouldn't stop crying. My grandfather was getting upset and waking me up to check everything around the house... I see nothing! I decided to sit up and watch tv and eat chips and drink... A few minutes later, I saw a lady in a white gown walk past the opening that leads to the kitchen, so I got up and go into the kitchen and say hi and no one was there! She looked like my great grandmother. The next day, when I talked to my grandfather about the situation last night, he laughed and said yes it was my great grandmother (my grandfather's mother). I believe that she was watching us and all over my house! Imagine that???