Many, many years ago as a very hectic October Saturday night drew to a close, I locked up the place and walked up the hill a block away to a restaurant that had stayed open late.
When I got back the first thing I noticed was a window in my front room was open!!
I had a small dog in the same room, maybe his bark scared them off? (If he even did bark?)

Then I was told that a local 3rd grader was bragging to his classmates that late at night he was sneaking into my house! I live here! I pretty much doubted his claims since back then my hearing was still good and the house was more open allowing even slight sounds of creaking floorboards to echo around..nobody could successfully hide for long from me, they would have to take a step or two..eventually.
Then 3? Years ago someone was terrorizing this small village , breaking into houses at night and attempting to have sexual contact or relations with women.
The DNA eventually caught him, the former 3rd grader who used to brag about sneaking into MY House! A 3rd garder no more,now a High School Senior.
His new school will be keeping him for quite some time and recesses are scary there!
Having a knife held to one's throat in the dark was scary to for his victims.
I have read that many criminals begin young, trying things and never getting caught, so they try bigger, badder things...