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Thread: what to say...help now

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  1. Default what to say...help now 
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    Mar 2008
    Traverse City, Michigan
    Hey guys, normally I'm very independent on this but my boss just took the creature away for another room and i have nothing to say. Some of you have already read about damien warwick at hauntedhuntington.com . Whats happening is I'm in my study and the group opens the door and interrupts me....unfortunately i was originally supposed to be conjuring the hellhound...well now my effects been taken away and idk what to do since i start TONITE....I wasnt sure if I should tell them more of the story and send them on there way or be ticked that they are on my floor without my permission....IDK ANYMORE

  2. Default Read, mutter 
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    Sep 2008
    Read Telltale Heart (have a beating heart sfx and look at the floor a lot), or mutter about trying to find something in "the book" or something. You're in a study. Do what crusty guys in studies do!
    ~"Who died and made you f*cking king of the zombies?"

    ~"Bill, get your own funeral. Timmy and I are going zombie."

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    Sep 2007
    Roanoke, VA.
    A Telltale Heart-esk scene? Yeah, I can see that working.

    "Welcome to our study. We have books upon books of fantasy, romance, and....wait...*shhh*....do you hear that?....That sound *hold hand over ear*...That horrible sound! Please tell me you hear it! No...It's not happening, she's dead. Dead! I chopped her up and put her the floorboards! My god, her heart's still beating! *grab nearby book and start pounding the floor with it* Stop it!...Stop it! Stop it!"

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