Hi guys looking for a Parts List and A how to build a Motion sensor to run several things at the same time. Including a Valve, Light, and 2 Foggers

I need to Activate a Valve to drop a wall panel, And turn on a red light for the monster behind that panel. and 2 fog machines in the next room.

I can build this with a simple Motion Sensor from Lowes tied to a Receptical in a wall box. This will let me activate the valve (120v) and turn on the red light to light up the inside of this unit.

Im not sure how to step the voltage down from the motion sensor to activate a Timer unit that will hold the Fogger units engaged for a 60 sec time frame. I also will need to find a way to reset the drop panel to the up position and turn the light back off. Im thinking 1 2 channel timer and a 1 channel timer

1- 2 channel timer - delay turn the light on time for so long and turn off,
delay activate Valve drop panel time out and close valve closing panel
1 - 1 channel timer - holding relay open to run fogger for time then closing relay

Im also not sure of the Voltage of the actual Fogger controls?

Im using a FX-8 fogger from Spencers. I found it uses the Timing Controlers that Walmart had for sale in 2007.

it's a 3 prong computer power cord Female Version plug.

If anyone has built something like this please E-mail me and I'll try to explain better if your not sure what i need.

I do not have a electrical knowledge so i can use any help you guys can provide.

Please e-mail at m_chilson@hotmail.com Please make subject Haunt thanks guys!