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Thread: Dentist makeup/scene lines

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  1. Default Dentist makeup/scene lines 
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    Jul 2008
    i am a Dentist in the dentist room of our haunt. what would be a good makeup job for my face. i want it to be really bloody. Also i need help with my lines. all i have so far is
    let me fix that tooth for you
    thats it. please help. thanks

  2. Default  
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    Sep 2007
    Roanoke, VA.
    "Wanna celebrity smile? You wanna be star don't ya!?"

    Bring in some big scissors for: "You know, bad breath starts at the tongue. We can fix that." *snip* *snip*

    "This will only hurt a lot."

    "9 out of 10 dentists don't want to kill their patients, I'm the 10th."

    "Couldn't have your toothache someplace else could ya!?"

    "Yes! I loooove pain! That's why I a dentist."

  3. Default make up idea 
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    Nov 2004
    Painesville, Ohio
    Make up wise(though most likely too late) I would black out/ chip some teeth with tooth fx, then just bloody the hell out of your mouth area. Sink in your eyes and cheek bones to make you look sickly - and leave it at that. Give the impression that you've removed all your teeth, now it's their turn. Sometimes, with a character like that - it doesn't have to be very elaborate,
    Do Vegan Zombies eat heads of lettuce?

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